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Woven Labels, Printed Labels, Hang Tags and More!

Proudly identify your products with a quality woven label. Our labels will outlive the useful life of your product.

We offer low minimum quantity orders, sampling included, NO CHARGE shipping. Custom Clothing Labels include woven labels, printed labels, ahesive clothing labels, and Embroidered Patches.

Our incredible range of quality extends from cost effective taffeta thread count to a very high end premium thread count. Let us help you decide which is best for your product.

We have looms to handle any quantity of woven labels. In-House we have the option of broad looms, needle looms, double and single shuttle looms to product some of our lastest and most innovative branding trims. We have the newest fashions too… LASER CUT LABELS!

When separating yourself from your competitors, we have what you need: Very high quality and incredibly fast production and delivery. Minimum quantity 1000 labels.